Starter Lawn Cabinet For Bermuda Lawns

It is easy to make the mistake of purchasing the wrong products initially. Many have opted for cheaper herbicides or fertilizers due to the appealing price, easy access, or simply not knowing better. Here is a list of products recommended for beginners, organized by category.

For any item priced over $100, it is recommended to join a local lawn group and consider a group purchase. Many of these products are sold in commercial concentrations, meaning even just 1.25 oz of product can last for multiple seasons, potentially expiring before all of it is ever used.

Pre-emergents: Prevent weeds from germinating

Post-emergents: Kill weeds on contact

These post-emergents are most effective than products like Image which contain 2,4-D and slow the growth of bermuda lawns.

NPK Fertilizers: Push grass growth

This is for the core nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Drop a balanced fertilizer once in the spring. Each month after that, use urea if your lawn has pH < 6.5, otherwise use ammonium sulfate if you have pH above 6.5.

Micro Fertilizers: Foliar for maximum absorption

This is for micronutrients like magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese and zinc. Spraying fertilizers gives quicker absorption and better uptake than fertilizers applied to the soil. Micros are more beginner friendly to spraying than urea and ammonium sulfate, although those can be sprayed too.

Optional Products: Only buy when needed






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