Fall Watering Strategies for Bermuda Grass: A Technical Guide

Reduced Watering Needs

With cooler temperatures in the fall, Bermuda grass retains moisture for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent watering. As top growth slows down later in the season, you may be able to eliminate regular watering altogether.

Heat Wave Considerations

Despite the general trend of reduced watering, be prepared to adjust if a brief heat wave occurs without accompanying rainfall. Under such conditions, temporary increases in watering may be necessary to maintain turf health.

Smart Watering with Rachio

For those looking to further optimize their fall watering schedule, the Rachio smart controller offers a seasonally adjusted schedule. This feature automatically adjusts watering times and frequencies based on current weather conditions, providing a more tailored irrigation strategy.


In the fall, gradually reduce watering frequency and volume as temperatures decline and the grass retains moisture more effectively. For unexpected heat waves, be prepared to temporarily increase watering. Utilizing a smart controller like Rachio with its seasonally adjusted schedule can further optimize irrigation, aligning with advanced turf management strategies for a resilient Bermuda lawn during the transition to winter.



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