Poll Results: Unveiling Readers’ Favorite Fertilizer Brand

We recently conducted a poll among 218 respondents to uncover preferences and practices regarding granular fertilizer brands, aiming to illuminate trends and opinions within our community. The poll’s success has provided us with valuable insights into the choices our respondents make to maintain their lawns, highlighting their commitment to both quality and affordability.

Poll Overview

The central question posed was which granular fertilizer brand or family our respondents currently use. This inquiry was sparked by a desire to understand if there are more cost-effective alternatives to popular brands that do not compromise on lawn quality.

Key Findings

  • Leading Choices: The Anderson emerged as the top choice, garnering 23% of the votes, closely followed by Yard Mastery Family with 22%, and Lesco with 20%. These results highlight a diverse preference among our respondents, though a few brands clearly lead the pack.
  • Cost-Effective Strategies: An interesting revelation was the 7% of respondents who opt for “Whatever is on sale or cheap,” reflecting a cost-saving approach without brand loyalty. Additionally, 6% of the votes went to those who prefer shopping at Farm and Feed stores, suggesting a trend towards supporting local businesses and potentially finding better deals.
  • Community Insights: Despite the popularity of certain brands, the community’s comments reflected a broader spectrum of strategies and preferences. Some respondents advocate for custom solutions, mixing specific nutrients to tailor their lawn care to precise needs at a fraction of the cost.
Fertilizer Brand/FamilyVotes
Yard Mastery48
Budget-Friendly Options15
Farm and Feed Store Selections13
Sta-Green Performance Max9
Lebanon Proscapes7
Scott’s Southern Lawn Food7
The Illuminati0
Protene (Slow Release)0

What This Means

The poll results underscore a significant interest in balancing cost and effectiveness in lawn care products among our respondents. While top brands like The Anderson, Yard Mastery, and Lesco are highly regarded, there’s a clear inclination towards exploring cost-effective alternatives that do not compromise lawn health and aesthetics.

Looking Forward

These insights not only highlight the preferences within our community but also point towards a growing trend of informed decision-making. Lawn enthusiasts are increasingly seeking out the best value for their investment, whether through brand loyalty, sales, or local shopping.

As we move forward, it’s essential to keep this dialogue open, continuing to share experiences and tips that can help each member achieve their lawn care goals efficiently and affordably. The success of this poll has set a precedent for future engagements, promising more collaborative discoveries and shared successes in our journey towards perfect lawns.


Our fertilizer brand poll has been a revealing endeavor, showcasing the diverse preferences and savvy strategies of our respondents. By sharing these results, we aim to foster a community that is both informed and inclusive, where every lawn enthusiast can find the best path to a lush, vibrant lawn. Stay tuned for more insights and discussions that help us grow together in our lawn care journeys.






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