Summer Weed Control for Bermuda Grass: A Technical Guide

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

If you haven’t applied a pre-emergent herbicide, now is the time. If you have, your weed issues should be minimal unless you’re dealing with an existing problem.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

By summer, temperatures may be too high for over-the-counter herbicides from Lowe’s or Home Depot without risking Bermuda damage. Consider using specialized herbicides like Celsius or Certainty, which are more effective in higher temperatures.

Additives and Application

Some herbicides may recommend the use of MSO (Methylated Seed Oil) or surfactants. Exercise caution when using these additives in extreme heat, as they can damage Bermuda grass. When spot spraying, mist the weeds lightly; over-application can harm the surrounding turf.

Turf Health as a Natural Barrier

A healthy, dense Bermuda lawn is your best defense against weeds. The thicker the turf, the less opportunity for weeds to establish.


For summer weed control, apply pre-emergent herbicides if not already done. For existing weed issues, opt for specialized herbicides like Celsius or Certainty. Be cautious with additives and application rates to avoid turf damage. Maintaining a healthy Bermuda stand is crucial for natural weed suppression. This approach aligns with advanced turf management strategies, ensuring a weed-free and resilient lawn throughout the summer.







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