MSMA vs MSM Turf: Are these herbicides the same?

MSMA (Monosodium methanearsonate), an organoarsenic compound, has been a heavyweight in the battle against grassy weeds. Its effectiveness is notable, but it comes with significant environmental and health baggage, leading to regulatory constraints on its use. It’s the kind of solution that demands respect and rigorous safety measures.

On the other hand, MSM Turf, with its active ingredient metsulfuron methyl, represents a more nuanced approach. As a member of the sulfonylurea family, it targets broadleaf weeds with precision, minimizing collateral damage to the surrounding ecosystem. It’s akin to a surgical strike compared to MSMA’s broader assault.

Is MSM Turf the same as MSMA?

Far from it. They don’t even share chemical kinship, with MSMA bearing the weight of arsenic in its formulation, while MSM Turf leverages the specificity of modern chemistry for selective weed control.

Aside from both containing two “M”s in their names and aiming to control weeds, MSMA and MSM Turf have little in common, differing significantly in chemical composition, environmental impact, and application.

Are MSM Turf and MSMA both dangerous?

Danger? Yes, both carry risks, but MSMA’s profile is more concerning due to its broader environmental and health implications. MSM Turf, while not without its own precautions, typically poses less risk, making it a preferred choice in sensitive areas.

Do MSM and MSMA kill the same weeds?

Common Weeds Controlled by Both MSMA and MSM Turf:

  • Crabgrass

Weeds Primarily Controlled by MSMA (Not MSM Turf):

  • Johnsongrass
  • Sandbur
  • Goosegrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Dallisgrass (though MSMA is more commonly cited for this, MSM Turf may be effective with repeated applications or in combination with other strategies)

Weeds Primarily Controlled by MSM Turf (Not MSMA):

  • Broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelion, and thistle
  • Certain grassy weeds when used in combination with other products or specific management practices

In essence, choosing between MSMA and MSM Turf is not merely a matter of preference but a decision informed by understanding their distinct characteristics, applications, and implications. As stewards of our landscapes, it behooves us to select the tools that align with both our goals and the greater good.






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