Soil Testing Services in the USA: Where to Get Your Soil Tested

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your soil tested. Fantastic! A soil test is the first step to a lush, green Bermuda grass lawn that’ll make your neighbors green with envy. But where should you get your soil tested? Well, for sure not one of those at-home junk testers from Amazon. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most reliable soil testing services in the USA, from university extension services to convenient at-home kits.

University Extension Services: The Gold Standard

Arkansas – University of Arkansas

Known for their comprehensive soil testing, including pH, nutrient levels, and even organic matter content.

California – UC Davis

UC Davis offers a wide range of soil tests, including specialized tests for specific crops and conditions.

Florida – University of Florida

Ideal for homeowners in the Sunshine State, offering tests that are tailored to Florida’s unique soil conditions.

Indiana – Purdue University

Provides a detailed soil analysis report along with recommendations for soil amendments.

Nebraska – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Offers a variety of tests, including those for soil fertility and microbial activity.

New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire

Specializes in tests for cold-climate soils, perfect for homeowners in the Northeast.

New Jersey – Rutgers University

Known for their quick turnaround time and easy-to-understand reports.

New York – Cornell University

Offers a comprehensive soil health assessment, including tests for soil respiration and aggregate stability.

North Carolina – NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Soils Lab

This is a free soil testing service for North Carolina residents, except during peak season Dec-Mar when they charge a modest $4 fee.

Ohio – The Ohio State University

Provides a wide range of tests, including those for heavy metals, making it ideal for urban gardeners.

Oregon – Oregon State University

Specializes in tests for acidic soils, perfect for those growing berries or rhododendrons. Their prices are quite high however so consider sending it to another school.

South Carolina – Clemson University

Standard soil tests start at just $6.00. View all tests here.

Texas – Texas A&M

Offers specialized tests for alkaline soils, common in the Lone Star State.

Macro and micros test.
Texture analysis test.

Vermont – The University of Vermont

Provides tests for a variety of soil types, including sandy and clay soils.

At-Home Soil Testing Kits


Convenient and easy to use, MySoil offers a soil test that you can do from the comfort of your home. They are the only private company on the list, meaning they’re a bit easier to work with but a bit more expensive than some of the schools. Order a MySoil test here.

MySoil tests (and similar ones on the market) use a paste extraction method that only detects nutrients soluble in deionized water, missing other essential nutrients available to plants. This method falls short of capturing the complex interactions turfgrass roots have with the soil, which include mobilizing nutrients not readily soluble. University labs, however, use more sophisticated extractants like Mehlich or Bray that mimic root processes, providing a complete and accurate assessment of nutrient availability.


Whether you opt for a university extension service or an at-home kit, the important thing is to get your soil tested. Your Bermuda grass lawn is only as good as the soil it’s grown in, so make the investment in a quality soil test. You won’t regret it!

So go ahead, pick the service that’s right for you, and take the first step toward a lawn that’ll be the talk of the town. Trust us, your Bermuda grass will thank you!






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