Top 8 Milorganite Alternatives: Easily Avoid Nitrogen Burn


Milorganite has been a go-to fertilizer for many gardeners and homeowners. However, it lacks potassium, a crucial nutrient for plant health. If you’re looking for alternatives that offer a more balanced nutrient profile, you’re in the right place. Here are some top Milorganite alternatives that are rich in potassium and other essential nutrients.

32-pound bag currently sells for $23.

1. Sunniland All-Purpose Lawn Fertilizer (Ace Hardware)

Key Features:

  • Where to Buy: Ace Hardware
  • Nutrient Profile: 5-3-0
  • Price: $18.99

Why It’s Better Than Milorganite:

  • Cheapest per pound of nitrogen, from a big box store

2. Pro Care 36 lbs. Natural Fertilizer 4-3-0 (Home Depot)

Key Features:

  • Where to Buy: Home Depot
  • Nutrient Profile: 4-3-0
  • Price: $15.97

Why It’s Better Than Milorganite:

  • Cheapest entry to organic fertilizers

3. Anderson’s 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer (SiteOne)

Key Features:

  • Where to Buy: SiteOne
  • Nutrient Profile: 7-1-2
  • Price: ‎$77.88

Why It’s Better Than Milorganite:

  • Contains potassium for better water and nutrient uptake

4. Nutrients Plus Organic Fertilizers (SiteOne)

Key Features:

  • Where to Buy: SiteOne
  • Nutrient Profile: Varies by product
  • Price: Varies by product

Why It’s Better Than Milorganite:

  • These all contain potassium, which is a major fault in Milorganite if you’re looking to increase overall lawn health.

Specific Products from Nutrients Plus

  1. Nutrients Plus Organic/Organic-Base Fertilizer 16-2-3 Screamin Green
    • Price: $43.93
    • Nutrient Profile: 16-2-3
    • Additional Info: 60% CRN BIO AS 1
  2. Nutrients Plus Organic/Organic-Base Fertilizer 8-14-1 Screamin 8
    • Price: $46.63
    • Nutrient Profile: 8-14-1
    • Additional Info: BIO AS 1Ca 1Fe STARTER 50 lb.
  3. Nutrients Plus Organic/Organic-Base Fertilizer 4-3-1 Dynamic Duo
    • Price: $28.76
    • Nutrient Profile: 4-3-1
    • Additional Info: 5Ca 1Fe 0.5Mg 50 lb.
  4. Nutrients Plus Organic/Organic-Base Fertilizer 20-1-5 CRN BIO SOP 1Fe
    • Price: Call For Pricing
    • Nutrient Profile: 20-1-5
    • Additional Info: 1Fe 50 lb.
  5. Nutrients Plus Fertilizer 6-2-4 3Ca 1Fe “Whole Shebang”
    • Price: Not specified
    • Nutrient Profile: 6-2-4
    • Additional Info: 3Ca 1Fe 50 lb. Bag


Product NamePrice (USD)Nutrient Profile (N-P-K)Weight (lbs)Price per Pound of N (USD)
Pro Care$15.974-3-03615.97(0.04×36)=11.12(0.04×36)15.97​=11.12
Nutrients Plus 16-2-3$43.9316-2-35043.93(0.16×50)=5.49(0.16×50)43.93​=5.49
Nutrients Plus 8-14-1$46.638-14-15046.63(0.08×50)=11.66(0.08×50)46.63​=11.66
Nutrients Plus 4-3-1$28.764-3-15028.76(0.04×50)=14.38(0.04×50)28.76​=14.38

When it comes to organic fertilizers, you have several options that offer a more balanced nutrient profile than Milorganite. Whether you’re a commercial buyer or a residential gardener, these alternatives provide the nutrients your plants need for optimal growth.






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