This Is When Bermuda Grass Goes Dormant In Each State and USDA Zone

bermuda grass going dormant, tiger stripes
Tiger stripes on bermuda, after first frost.

A common question in the space is “when does bermuda grass go dormant?”.

Bermuda grass typically goes dormant when the temperatures drop in the late fall and winter. This transition to dormancy generally occurs when consistent daytime temperatures fall below 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius) and when nighttime temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can also depend on the type for bermuda grass you have. For example, common bermuda grass goes dormant before Tahoma 31 bermuda.

Dormancy dates by zone

USDA ZoneApproximate Onset of Dormancy
Zone 4Early September
Zone 5Mid to Late September
Zone 6Late September to Early October
Zone 7October
Zone 8November
Zone 9December or remains green in mild winters
Zone 10Rarely goes dormant; may remain green all year if watered
Zone 11Does not go dormant; remains green all year

Dormancy dates by state

StatePredominant USDA Zone(s)Approximate Onset of Dormancy
Alabama7-8October to November
Alaska1-8 (varies widely)Early September (for the zones where Bermuda grass can grow)
Arizona5-10November to December
Arkansas6-8October to November
California5-11October to December
Colorado3-7September to October
Connecticut5-7September to October
Florida8-11December or remains green
Georgia6-9October to November
Hawaii10-11Does not go dormant
Idaho3-7September to October
Illinois5-7September to October
Indiana5-6September to October
Iowa4-6September to October
Kansas5-7September to October
Louisiana8-9November to December
Massachusetts5-7September to October
Michigan4-6September to October
Mississippi7-9October to November
Missouri5-7September to October
Nebraska4-5September to October
Nevada4-9September to November
New Hampshire3-6September to October
New Jersey6-7October
New Mexico4-9October to November
New York3-7September to October
North Carolina6-8October to November
North Dakota3-4Early September
Ohio5-6September to October
Oregon4-9September to November
Pennsylvania5-7September to October
Rhode Island6-7October
South Carolina7-9October to November
South Dakota3-5September
Texas6-10October to December
Utah4-9September to November
Washington4-9September to November
West Virginia5-7September to October

Dormancy by popular cities

CityApproximate Onset of Dormancy
Phoenix, ArizonaDecember or may remain green with irrigation
Los Angeles, CaliforniaRarely goes dormant; may remain green all year if watered
San Antonio, TexasNovember to December
Dallas, TexasNovember
Houston, TexasNovember to December
Jacksonville, FloridaDecember or remains green in mild winters
Charlotte, North CarolinaNovember
Nashville, TennesseeNovember
Oklahoma City, OklahomaOctober to November
Las Vegas, NevadaNovember to December
Miami, FloridaRarely goes dormant; may remain green all year if watered






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